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Seren Jones
14 February 1981
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Howdy folks. My name is Seren and I'm a 31 year old psyche nurse from South Wales.
I seem to be in a state of perpetual singleness but, to be honest, I actually quite like it. I'm far too stubborn, independent and weird to settle down with anybody.
Before I settled down and got a "career" I enjoyed a series of pointless jobs. I also completed an English literature degree. I loved it and wish I could've gone on to get my masters. Nursing academia is nowhere near as fun.
I have loads of fandoms (see interests) and write a hell of a lot of slashfic. Sadly, I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to let anybody read it. I'm trying to change that. Think I need some friendly persuasion though.
I am a passionate rugby fan and love Cardiff Blues and the Welsh international side.